GoodTask v5.5 Release Note

Huge update! This update includes new 'Today' page, 'Goals' page, Templates and more. Check below for details. (It'll take short time to roll out on App Store)

Today Page

: Start your day and finish it on Today page.
: Set up dedicated list regardless of due date for today.

: 5 Processes available when starting the day.

  • Move overdue tasks to today.
  • Pick today's tasks to be added to the list.
  • Pick suggested tasks to be added to the list.
  • Add new tasks from templates.
  • Add a note about the day.

: You can add new tasks directly on Today page. Re-order (drag and drop) and complete directly on the list.
: When today page is active, you can tap notes on top to edit notes.
: New tasks due today made outside this page will be added automatically. (Can be turned off inside settings)
: Calendar events are shown under notes. (Can be turned off inside settings)
: Tasks made on this page will be added on the list directly.
: Tapping more button on a task will let you edit the task or remove the task on the list (task itself is not deleted)

: After you're done, finish the day and write a short note.
: Past Daily Notes can be read on Reports page (Day view).
: Detail data on this page is saved as JSON file in 'iCloud Drive/GoodTask/Today'
: Your name, notification time, list filters and more can be set inside Today page's settings (Button at the bottom)
: You can restart after finishing the day if you need to inside settings at the very bottom.

Goals (### Goals page has been revised on v6.3 - Link :

: You can write down long-term goals.
: All-time, yearly and monthly goals can be written down.
: Tapping a row will let you edit the goal.
: Tapping arrows will move the view between All, Overview and categories.
: Tapping category label will move you back to All.
: Categories can be added and edited through 'More' button on bottom right.
: Tapping circle button between the arrows will change showing range on below order.
1. All-time, Year and Current Month Goals
2. All-time, Year and Current Month + Future Months Goals
3. All-time, Year and All Months Goals
: Tapping Focus button will show existing goals only or show empty areas.
: Tapping + button will let you add tasks directly.
: Data is saved in iCloud Drive folder as a JSON file.
: Use this page to reflect your goals as frequently as possible to make them real. Coffee time would be a great moment to take a look. :slight_smile:


: You can add multiple preset tasks with templates.
: Tap add button to show options, and select 'Templates' (Long tap inside a list by default. Normal tap on lists page by default. Can be changed inside Settings - New Task)

  • List can be set to 'Current List', 'Default List' or 'New List'. (Tap the button on top)
    : If you're inside a list, current list can be selected. If current list and default list is same, it'll rotate between current list and new list.
    : New list option will prompt you for list name and make a new Reminders list for newly made tasks
    : Last used settings will be kept.

  • Tasks are made one by one per second to keep the order

  • Make your templates inside 'Settings - New Task - Templates'.
    : Template title and number of tasks will be shown on add page
    : Title, notes, subtasks, start date, due date, alert, priority can be set per task


  • Directly access Attachments and Rich Links (iOS 13 only)
    : Attachments and rich links are shown directly on a task inside list.
    : First attachment will be shown. Tapping it will open it. You can swipe left and right if you have multiple attachments.
    : Rich link can be tapped to be opened directly.
    : This can be turned off inside 'Settings - Appearance - Task Display' which can be set per list.
    : Cache is saved for rich links. It can be refreshed per task on context menu. You can also clear them on 'Settings - Advanced - Delete Link Cache'

  • New Recurring Tasks Options : 'Settings - General - Recurring Tasks'
    : Clear Notes - Clears Notes field when completed (Default: Off)
    : Always match Alert and Due Date - Alert always matches due date/time when completed (Default: Off)

  • New Add More Options : 'Settings - New Task - Add More'
    : Clear Notes, Clear Subtasks, Clear Others (Default: Off)
    : When you tap 'Add More' button while adding new task, properties will be cleared as your settings (Title will always be cleared)

  • New Add Button Option : 'Settings - New Task - Add Button'
    : New Task (Long Tap: Show Options) or Show Options (Long Tap: New Task) (Default: New Task)

  • New Add Button Option : 'Settings - New Task - Add Button - Lists' (Default: Show Option)
    : Add button behavior can be set differently on Lists & inside a list
    : Add button on lists will show adding 'Smart List' and 'Reminders List' on its option
    : Long tap will behave oppositely

  • New Drag and Drop Options : 'Settings - Sort - Drag and Drop'
    : While dropping tasks into a task or dropping subtasks into a task or between tasks, you're asked to move or copy
    : You can change default behavior to ask, copy or move

  • Quick Actions - Presets : Notes and Subtasks field added
    : You can quickly add preset notes and subtasks with Quick Actions
    : For quickly editing tasks, use presets on Quick Actions. For quickly adding tasks, use templates.

  • Long tap on 'Add More' Button on Add Task page
    : Manually select 'Add More' options per action (Clear Notes, Clear Subtasks, Clear Others)

  • New Option : 'Settings - General - Sync : Completed Tasks' (Default: 3 Months)
    : Made for better performance. 'All' option will work like before. This option is not synced through preferences sync.

  • Smart List New Filter : Attachments

  • New menu on Advanced Lab: Force Refresh on Launch

  • Focus file is saved after a minute even if no tasks are completed

  • Attachments button added to task on Next Page

  • Better attachments handling when adding new task with attachments

  • Swedish Localization added. (Thanks, Bo!)

Hope you enjoy the update and I wish you good health. Thanks!

What’s new v5.5

Today Page:






Really like this Awesome Update, i really like to see to customize the density of my Today View.

Now I can see less tasks compare to my Smarlist which has an minimal View of details.

Today view shows 4 items and my smart list shows 9 included my day calendar.

Hopefully there is an hidden setting if not please consider this for an next Update.

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Is there no way to manually add (existing) tasks to the Today list? I can remove and create new but I can't find a way to add existing.

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Thanks for the feedback.

@DimitryJacobs, I'll keep it on the list to consider.

@timelord, currently you can't add it manually after the list is made. This is planned to be made available on minor update soon.



I'm pretty interested in the goals addition to Goodtask. I wonder if there could be a way for goal data to be attached to tasks? For example, I'd like to go to the goals page, create a new task attached to a goal (maybe through long pressing a goal), then see on the "daily report" how much time I worked toward each goal on any give day, week, month. And in my mind, goals are different from "lists", so I'd rather not write "goals" in the goals area, then recreate those as "lists" in the app, or as tags. These all feel like separate bits of metadata.

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Thanks for the feedback, @derekvan. I'll keep it in mind. You may try using 'List Memo' to write down goals for the list too.


Looks like their is no Sync between iOS devices for Today Page, today i was started my Today View and after that set, i started my iPad and my Today Page was there empty. Also close and restart the App didn’t resolve this, is this an bug ?? Both devices running v5.5.1 .... also on macOS the Today Page was no started yet

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This last update is fantastic !

The today view is awesome. I like to be guided in my review and see the tasks I work on with that much space between them. It helps to stay focused.
The goals view and the template will also definitely be part of my workflow.
Thank you very much for the great work you’re doing !

One small question, is it already possible to open directly these Today and Goals view through siri or shortcuts ?
It would be useful to be able to go directly to these views like we can already for the smart lists.


Yes please this feature request or customize 3D Touch menu with the new view would be fine

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@DimitryJacobs Sync for today page depends on iCloud Drive file sync. Normally it should be done pretty quickly but it may need some time in some cases. Also you may need to open Files app sometimes if sync doesn’t run. If file gets synced, the page will automatically be refreshed.

@Francis_Mourey Currently you can use URL scheme to open those pages.


I love this app, however with the new update I have an issue. I have phone numbers in task titles or notes. Now I get a very large gray box with the phone number in it that shows up just below the task. How can I get rid of that gray box? I don’t want it and it takes up a lot of space on the screen.

Change in Settings > Advanced > Ignore telephone numbers :slight_smile:

Thanx for the quick response, i tested end of day after i delete duplicate entry with data stamp and all my devices (iOS, iPadOS, macOS) where back in Sync all in the same status that my Today view was ended.

Plus thanx for the URL Scheme, that's great. Now i can add an LCP action on my Widget Page on my iPhone

Very nice update, thanks.

On the Today view though, I can’t seem to add a template - it prompts me with the checkbox but no amount of stabbing at the screen allows me to check the box.

Any ideas?

@34s151e, It seems like a bug sneaked in on last moment. I'm sorry about the situation. Will be fixed very soon. :sob:

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But why can we only add ONE list to the Lists Filter for Today?

You can select a smart list which can include multiple lists. :slight_smile:



I agree with everyone else, the Today feature is awesome. I have a couple of problems and a couple of requests though.

First the bugs. In Voiceover, the calendar appears as one giant blog, not entries one after the other as in normal calendar views. Also, the buttons to add notes are unlabelled.

And now for the feature requests. Can we have a way to exclude calendars from the today view? And also, a way to plan tomorrow rather than today? My usual pattern with this sort of thing is to plan at the end of the day. This kind of doesn't work, with this system.

Thanks for any responses.

HI @Yvonnezed, thanks for the feedback.

You can turn off calendar events inside settings of Today Page at the very bottom.

I'll get the buttons to be labeled and will put your feedback about tomorrow on the list to consider. Thanks!