How do you manage Weekly assignments?

In my work I have some weekly/montlhy assignment, how do you manage to organise and show them?

I have tried both, setting date on Monday, but in case I don't do it on Monday it appears as not done or overdue. And in case I set it on Friday, it doesn't appear until the last day.

How about Monday as start date and Friday as due date? Then it will show up on any "Today" list from Monday.

This is what I'm doing too. It works well with repeating events. If you don't see an option to set a start date, you can enable it in Settings->General and change "Type - Date" to "Advanced".

Ok, it seems as if a task with a start date today and due date in the future won't show up "today" in board view. There it only shows up on its due date.

For me, when the Today list is set to board view and sorted by date,

  1. If the start date of a task is today or before and the due date is later, it shows up either in Tomorrow or Later (depending on the due date) sections of the board view.

  2. If the start date is later than today, it doesn't show up at all in the Today list.

I think this would be the behavior I would expect. Otherwise, the same task might show up repeatedly in the Today list's board view (Today, Tomorrow, Later).

I would love to set start day Monday, due Friday, not alarm and that the task shows everyday in today’s and if it’s not done on Friday it goes to overdue

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I think that is the default behavior. It will show up on each list dedicated for each day, i.e. if you have one list for today, one for tomorrow, one for in 2 days, etc, it will show up on each until due date. (not on Board view).

Not for me, it shows only in the last day

Hi @Heeervas, thanks for using GoodTask.

Normally if you set start date as Monday and due date as Friday, that task will be shown on Monday through Friday.

Specifically, on 'Day' view, it'll show on every day. On Week and Month view and board view, it'll show once only.

If you're using scheduled smart list, it should show during Monday through Friday if the date is included.

If this is not how it's working, please let me know with your list settings. Thanks!

This works for me as described, and makes the Today view quite helpful. What I would find very helpful is for tasks that are on or past their start date (but not yet at end date) to be offered on the Today Page. At the moment the Today Page only offers items overdue or due today.


Those are my settings... maybe it’s something related to events..

Would you select 'Tareas Programadas' and show settings inside that filter? Thanks!

Sorry, I didn’t read it before.

On the List view, it should show you all scheduled tasks by due date. If you choose 'Day' view, it'll show you tasks that's due today or due later but has started. Thanks!

It’s not showing for me.. I don’t know why

Show me screenshot of task detail page and day view of the list. Thanks!

What would it do the Sat, Sun, Monday following the due date (Friday)? Does it disappear or show overdue? I can and will experiment but asking.

Hi @jedwards, if it has passed the due date, it'll show as overdue. Start date won't matter afterwards. Thanks!

I am having the same start date due date problem. The task only shows on the due date regardless of the view. For example,, I have a task starting on 7/13 and ending on 7/18 with a reminder on 7/18. It only shows on 7/18 on list, day, week and month. Best, Scott

Hi @brastedhouse, thanks for the feedback.

Normally tasks are shown on due date but if start date is set to the task, it'll show if start date has passed in scheduled list view, day/week/month views. You can refer to below post for more details.

Even though the task is shown on the list, it'll show on its due date.