I'd like to like this but

  1. It is way too slow; Reminders is much more responsive.
  2. If you can't match Reminder's subtasks, can't go there.

Great concept but...; perhaps this is why so few developers bother with Reminders interaction??

In my opinion, GoodTask offers a range of functionality that Reminders doesn't and a level of customisation that I really appreciate. A fine degree of control over what's displayed in the Today widget; customisable control of many different aspects of the app; smart lists; quick actions and so much more, not to mention some of the recent updates that I'm still wrapping my head around but that look like they'll have a positive impact on the way I interact with the app...

All in all, I don't think it's a zero-sum game. But I check in with GoodTask many times each day. I rarely if ever fire up Reminders, and I never feel as if I'm missing anything. :wink:

Of course, YMMV.

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Wow! I'm not sure you addressed any concern here.

So you are not frustrated by the lack of responsiveness (spinning balls on nearly every action) and the inability to retain subtasks?

  1. I'm not interested in waiting!
  2. I certainly don't assume everyone I interact with via shared Reminders is using GoodTask, so I want things to look the same, regardless.

I'm happy to have the added functionality, but not at the cost, especially given the wait times, I can just do it manually or create a few shortcuts to do most anything here.

I'm not here to bash, just express concerns. But if it works for you, great.

I don't have any responsiveness issues at all - though I don't use the MacOS version. The key features for me are the integration with Tasks and it's synchronization, and smart lists - smart lists being the primary reason I use GoodTask.

I was also surprised to read about the unresponsiveness. Been using GT for years and have never ever had an issue with that. On the contrary. I find it extremely swift and fast. But then I'm only using the IOS version so perhaps there are some issues in the mac-version.

Thanks, @DanBrooks. Your follow-up offers a little more to go on.

I'll be third-in-line to say I use the iOS version much more than the macOS version, but on the rare occasion that I've fired up GoodTask on my MacBook, I've never experienced any beach-balling or lack of responsiveness. That's probably something for other users of the macOS version to weigh in on, however, and may be something to flag with @GoodTask if there's an issue.

I'm not exactly clear on what you mean by "not retaining sub-tasks", but you might be referring to what was raised here:

In my use of GoodTask, I've chosen to prefer GoodTask's formatting of sub-tasks. Among other reasons, it's relatively easy to add sub-tasks from appropriately formatted text lists, which suits my workflow. Again, YMMV, and I totally appreciate that this may not be ideal for you if you're sharing any of your Reminders lists with other people...

Daily user of GT on both ios and macos here. Have never experienced beachball issues with them. Do you mind me asking how many tasks you have in GT? I have like 200-300 incomplete ones. Perhaps that's the reason? Or is it because of the shared reminder list issue? Not sure. Someone with shared list may have more to weigh in here.

Yes, that is what I'm talking about.

Yes, I have well over 1,000 tasks and multiple Reminder groups with 20+ lists, and sharing with multiple people. That may explain the beachball, but I don't get it when using Reminders (Yes, I know).

My hope would be that GT (or any app that integrates w/ Reminders) can at least replicate what is already there and then enhance it. I can't count on everyone using GT, or the other apps I use, so for me the consistency of the basic features is critical.

Subtasks, group folders, and even replicating Apple's Smart Folders is good (should replicate all so they match Apple's; Today on Apple ≠ Today on GT, should add "Flagged"(no Flags in GT?). I don't mind the added subtasks GT uses, just that they should be distinct (perhaps Checklists?) from Apple's sub-tasks. Yes, I know Apple is a moving target. And I know they don't handle subtasks so well either; moving a subtask to a different list all alone, inadvertently, is done without warning and loses it connection to the main task when moving it back (Jobs wouldn't have put up with it).

I'm not here to diss GT; I'm generally impressed. I'd love it to work for me. If I had simpler needs (just 2-300 task :wink: ) I'd just stay with Reminders, perhaps with BusyCal (which probably adds a delay factor too (trying to sync data across multiple apps :open_mouth: ).