Moving tasks to events or vice versa

I could not find this as an option. Is it? I know it is with Fantastical so I assumed GoodTask offered it.


Hi @TeddyT, thanks for using GoodTask.

Currently you can only make task with calendar event. Long tap on an event and you'll see an option on context menu.


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This is duplicated from another thread --> [Calendar events => Reminders]

On Good Task for Mac, : - [Calendar Event --> Task] i.e. ("Duplicate as Task")
On creating a task from a Calendar Event, such Task has DUE that is same as the End Time of the Calendar Event from which the Task was created.

  1. How to create a Task from a Calendar Event with DUE that is same as the Start Time of the Calendar Event?

  2. Where and How to edit the context menu - i.e. quick actions for Calendar Events? at present there are just two: Duplicate, and Duplicate as Task

Many Thanks!

Hi @Pnxwork, thanks for the feedback.

Currently both are not possible on GoodTask. I'll keep them on the list to consider. Thanks!

Cool! Did not know about creating a task from a Calendar event. What would be most helpful to me would be creating a Calendar event from a Task. I do this frequently to block out a chunk of time on my Calendar to perform and complete a Task.


Long press on calendar event and option to duplicate as a task pops up.

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This (task --> calendar event) has come up in another thread recently. I think the OP might be on macOS, but if you're on iOS, see: Suggestion: Copy task to event for a shortcut that might help as an interim solution. :wink:

Thanks! @jsamlarose, I spend most of my time on iOS, I will try it out.

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