Newbie questions


Hi all. New to GT - I'm 2 days in so a few questions if I may.

  1. How do people set up areas of focus?

  2. Is there a way to put a gap in the list view to seperate lists or groups of lists?

  3. Probably being a bit thick but I'm struggling to understand the different views (week, month etc.). For example, when I click on month view, if I then tap a date in the future on the calendar above which is showing coloured dots, presumably for calendar events, the calendar events below still shows from today, and the whole months events. Is that how it should be?

  4. In list view, when looking at any list of tasks that contains tasks also scheduled for today, today is named as today's date, rather than 'today'. Is it possible to change this so it would be like 'overdue', 'today', then future dates? Hope this makes sense.


Hi @Redtel, thanks for using GoodTask.

  1. You can use tags or use a dedicated list. Below posts explains basics of tags and tag sort option.

  1. You can add a new list and it'll be added with a space above. This part will be improved on next v5.0 update.

  2. You can think views as a quick switching filter with dates. Month view shows all tasks on that particular month. Week shows tasks on that week and day shows tasks on that day. You can tap date to select a date and move between day, week, month views to look through tasks on that date range.

You can set 'Settings - Sort - Separate Calendar Events' option to separate or merge calendar events with tasks.

  1. I'm not fully getting what you mean. It should normally show 'Overdue', 'Today' under task title for due dates. Sections show dates though to distinguish between other dates.



Thank you for your help. That’s clear.

On point 4, it’s great and essential to see the dates to distinguish one date from another. What I meant was, when looking at that view today, rather than that section be called ‘8 Nov 2019 (Fri)’, maybe add ‘Today’ before the date. Similar to IOS reminders.

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