Subtasks How & When to Use


Could someone please tell me about Subtasks as far as How & When to Use Them?

Thanks in Advance


Hi @terryzx.

On a task, if you can break it down to things that's simply linear, you can use subtasks to track it and get it done quickly.

If you need to make an alert or date for each of them, using normal task will be better.

Using subtasks is simple. On a task, swipe to right-most subtask view and add them. Tap the circle to complete each. There are 2 buttons at the bottom right of subtasks. Circle one shows/hides completed subtasks. Clipboard button will add subtasks from text on clipboard (line break separates subtasks).



Thanks Much...that gives me an idea what to us it for


Speaking of this I would love to see a URL scheme which would allow me to add a subtask to a particular task. I am keeping an agenda task for each key person/team I work with. Would love to use LCP to quickly add an agenda item.


I agree that would be very useful


I'll keep it on the list to consider. :slight_smile: