Tag: Cannot Delete All

I have a problem deleting all the tags from the list.

Here's the steps:-

  1. Go to List
  2. Edit the list and select the tag
  3. Turn off automatic and delete all
  4. App hang and re-start itself

The reason to delete all and assign the unique tag for a certain list. If delete one-by-one then no issue.

Hi @Vincentt, thanks for the feedback.

I'm trying to reproduce this but can't.

Would you send me some more details to contact@hahaint.com ? Screen recording would be helpful. Thanks!

This bug has been checked and will be fixed on next update.

When you have many tags, checking off 'Automatic' can cause false behavior and may cause crash on certain actions


  • Turn off 'Automatic'
  • Delete all
  • Add (add one tag you need)
  • Go back
  • Select 'Tag' again