Changes flip back (really annoying!)

I am still having the problem, that an edit (changes like another due date) to a task reverts every time back to state it was before. I have to do every change a 2nd time, until it stays the way I had edited it.

Same as described here by @jrbennett and @Francesco Changes undoing
and here by myself and by @dvdweyer and @AjMcTaskie Bug in Mac Ver 7.3.3 since Ventura 13.2.1

Restart of GoodTask or the MacBook does not help.
The problem exists regardless of whether Apple Reminder is running in the background or not
In Reminders, changes work right away.
Deleting the local cache did not help.
Restarting GoodTask sometimes stops the problem, but just for a while and not not always.
Same with resetting the calender settings.
Hiding completed tasks helped, but just for a while.

Good Task 7,5
MacOS Ventura 13.5.2 (22G91)

Hi @TRq, thanks for the feedback.

Please try below to reinstall in fresh state.

  • Close and un-install the app

  • Delete preferences file

  • Open Finder

  • On top menu, choose 'Go > Go to folder..'

  • Copy below and move to the folder

  • Delete com.hahainteractive.GoodTask3Mac.plist

  • On top menu, choose 'Go > Go to folder..'

  • Copy below and move to the folder
    ~/Library/Group Containers/

  • Delete

  • Reboot the device

  • Re-install the app

Hope it resolves the issue. Thanks!

So, I will have to configure the app from scratch, after I have uninstalled and removed everything?

Uff, ok. Then I will have to screenshots all settings before that.

What exactly does this mean?

It’s like installing the app on new device. If you have preferences sync on iCloud, it’ll be restored.